Turbine insulation

KADET as the only Polish company offers the complete service of turbine insulation delivery. Starting from design, through prefabrication, up to delivery and installation. Turbines as the most significant part of the power unit requires the highest standards in terms of quality, durability and workmanship. Years of experience with turbine insulation lets our team fulfill any requirement during design and fabrication of insulation for steam and gas turbines of any type and power.

Insulation mattresses design for new turbines is done based on client-provided technical documentation (3D model of turbine and main stop valves), or in case of its lack, on real equipment measurement take-off. Due to number of different temperature distribution, diameters of the equipment and complexity it requires different filling, and coating, which is delivered according to client requirements. Also, in the most cases multilayer insulation design is necessary.

Turbine insulation is designed to fulfill our clients requirements.

The technology offered by KADET lets you achieve:
  • Q < 150 W/m²
  • tight mattress arrangement
  • interlayer mattress overlapping limiting thermal bridges
  • top mattress coating resistance (to oil, chemicals, water) according to client requirements
  • easy access to the turbine body
  • easy installing/dismantling of insulation in comparison to spray insulation

More of the parameters of insulation mattresses for steam turbines are available here:

Advantages of NOVOSIL EL

  • insulation efficiency - energy saving
  • durability
  • easy installing/dismantling
  • ability to precise follow the complex equipment shape
  • ability to perform frequent equipment inspections
  • reducing the equipment repair time
  • personnel protection
  • fire protection
  • sound insulation
  • frost protection
  • reduced room temperature
  • holding the necessary process temperature
  • short return rate - usually in couple of months
  • ability to gain energy efficiency certificates
    /white certificates/

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