Energy saving

NOVOSIL EL insulation technology helps you gain enumerable energy savings. Typical return rate for investment in new NOVOSIL EL insulation can be even as low as couple of months.
On the design stage we can calculate the energy savings and return rate according to Ordinance of Economy Minister dated 10th of August 2012 concerning particular range and method of energy efficiency audit.
The conducted audit empowers the installation owner to apply for energy efficiency certificates (white certificates).

Advantages of NOVOSIL EL

  • insulation efficiency - energy saving
  • durability
  • easy installing/dismantling
  • ability to precise follow the complex equipment shape
  • ability to perform frequent equipment inspections
  • reducing the equipment repair time
  • personnel protection
  • fire protection
  • sound insulation
  • frost protection
  • reduced room temperature
  • holding the necessary process temperature
  • short return rate - usually in couple of months
  • ability to gain energy efficiency certificates
    /white certificates/

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