Flowmeters insulation

We offer insulation caps for every flowmeter size and shape taking into account the need of frequent flowmeter calibration.

Flowmeter insulation caps are individually designed to guarantee:
  • necessary insulation parameters
  • close fit
  • easy installing/dismantling
  • fulfilling the client requirements
More information is available below:

Advantages of NOVOSIL EL

  • insulation efficiency - energy saving
  • durability
  • easy installing/dismantling
  • ability to precise follow the complex equipment shape
  • ability to perform frequent equipment inspections
  • reducing the equipment repair time
  • personnel protection
  • fire protection
  • sound insulation
  • frost protection
  • reduced room temperature
  • holding the necessary process temperature
  • short return rate - usually in couple of months
  • ability to gain energy efficiency certificates
    /white certificates/

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